Lombok and Beyond
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Excursion Plus Package

  • Jalan-Jalan City Tour
    JALAN-JALANThe tour features : Mandalika;The main market Of Lombok and The Perfect Place To Observe the daily activity of the local. Taman Narmada built in 1727 by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang A
  • Bumi Gora / Sasak Tour
    BUMI GORA / SASAK TOURThe tour will take you to visit : Banyumulek, famous for its traditional pottery, Sukarare village; renowned for its traditional hand weaving of brightly patt
  • Kosaido Or Suranadi - Rinjani Golfing 18 Holes
    KOSAIDO OR SURANADI - RINJANI GOLFING 18 HOLESPlay the 18 holes golf course with the choice of Rinjani Golf course wich is situated on the lush hillside of mighty Mt. Rinjani
  • Fishing Tour (MANCING)
    FISHING TOUR Lombok, the paradise beyond, is dominated by beautiful coastline and surrounded by a dozen of small charming isolated islands. For instance, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air as o
  • Roda - Roda / A Car Hire
    RODA - RODAThis tour is ideal for those Who Wish to explore Lombok and feel the experience of being close to the nature, people and real live of Lombok Enjoy the wide ranging and fascinating scenery
  • Gili Air Or Gili Meno Or Gili Trawangan
    GILI AIR or GILI MENO or GILI TRAWANGAN TOUR Lendang Bajur morning market is the firs place to visit before the trip is carried on to Pusuk pass; a green tropical rain forest offering b
    NGONONG / THREE GILIS (GILI MENO, GILI AIR, GILI TRAWANGAN)This tour is specially designed for those who wish to feel and enjoy the underwater world of Lombok. Your tour guide will take you to cross t
  • A Voyage To Gili Sudak/ Gili Nnggu
    A VOYAGE TO GILI NANGGU/ GILI SUDAKThe highlight of this full day tour is the deserted island of Gili Nanggu, with its beautiful beaches and clear turquoise water. On the way we will hav
  • Aik Belek / Waterfalls
    The beautiful island of LOMBOK has become favorites destination of endless varieties and enchantment. It's is a unique destination and completely different to Bali, which is only a short
  • Tete Batu / Soft Trekking
    Getting to Tetebatu, a village on the lower slopes of a volcano, was a lovely relief from the heat and crowds of the towns: beautiful rice paddies, tobacco fields, the rain forest, and only four other
  • North Lombok Exploration
    North Lombok is dominated by the massive Gunung Rinjani volcano, and most of the villages here sits on the slopes of the mountain or along the narrow coastline. Many travelers come here
  • Mount Rinjani Trekking
    RINJANI TREKKING The starting point for the climb. Set off to reach the top or peak of the volcano for sunrise and the amazing scenery of surroundings, descend to Segara Anak Lake where we can fin
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