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Lombok Island
Lombok Island is a tropical paradise with magnificent stretches of natural beach, excellent diving and snorkelling off the three coral-ringed Gili Islands and traditional native villages, ancient temples and palaces. Mount Rinjani dominates Lombok with its high peak and two-mile wide caldera which last erupted in 1901. In the crater is a lake called Segara Anak (Child of the Sea) and a new mountain christened Gunung Baru which appeared in 1942. The people of Lombok are a gentle mix of Hindu-Balinese and native Moslem-Sasaks, each with their own variety of arts, crafts, customs and traditions. Many say that Lombok is like the Bali of long ago. The island lies across the straits from Bali and is quickly reached by ferry or plane.

Once in Lombok, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility along its shores, or explore the island's largest towns of Ampenan, Mataram and Cakranegara. If you are fit you can trek up Mount Rinjani through scenic countryside and picturesque traditional villages and treat yourself to the most spectacular panoramic views.

The countryside has a number of traditional villages worth visiting, including a blacksmith's village, a native weaving village with dome-shaped thatched huts, and the royal water garden of Narmada in which stands the Pura Lingsar, the oldest and most sacred Hindu temple on the island, thought to be the only Hindu shrine in the world where both Hindus and Moslems come to worship.

Famous for its 'ikat' handwoven textiles, Lombok is relatively undiscovered, except for the town of Senggigi which is now a major resort.

The beautiful Gili islands of Lombok are paradise, with white sand beaches, few people and some great snorkeling and diving spots. Nightlife in this area may be a good alternative or even for a night dive; others are a complete escape from the crowds and offer some fabulous trekking and beautiful panorama for the more adventurous.

As well as scenery, Lombok offers terrific sightseeing and shopping, with some villages producing famous Lombok pottery and silk weaving at reasonable prices. Whether you get the car or motorbike and drive yourself, or arrange for a driver to show you the way, you will find a country with little influence yet from modern development and tourism. Even on the road, the bulk to traffic is the cidomo, or horse and cart.

When there are so much more of everything to see, meanwhile, you have such a limited time, a good planning becomes very essential to help you to make the most of your time away.

Sumbawa, once known as 'the horseland' is famous for its horses, beautiful beaches and 2,820 foot tall Mount Tambora, now dormant, which last erupted in 1815 killing 12,000 people. The caldera has two coloured lakes and the rim offers spectacular views as far as the island of Lombok.

The village of Tepas has traditional-style architecture and the former palace in Bima is now being turned into a museum. Sape, where sailboats are still made in the traditional way is a convenient point of departure for Komodo Island. Nearby Moyo Island has a nature reserve with wild oxen, deer, wild boar and spectacular birds.

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